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Amazing Wardha🤩



Khadi is distinctive product of gandhijii’s imagination. Khadi is the sun of the village sola system. Basically khadi is Indian made cloth started by Mahatma Gandhi. Cotton produced in India is usaually of short staple. Khadi provide employment to people. It is the the symbol of dignity of labour in society. Khadi is considered a part of the life of Indians . It can be made by using Charkha, handloom and many other different machines.

Basically, It is a process of making cloth from cotton to fabric which is made with help of Talki, Charkha, Handlooms etc. Khadi should be simple. Wardha, is specially popular for Khadi production. There are many factory’s where people work in the Khadi. I visited Magan sangralaya , Gram seva mandal and some other Khadi bhandar in Wardha.

Wardha is very popular for Khadi cloth. Khadi is mainly woven in cotton, but it can also be woven silk and wool. It is cool comfortable and truly envirnment friendly fabric suitable for all s…

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